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Libro Centre Trails Project!

Read more below about WEBC's newly approved trail network project!

WEBC earns Libro Centre Trails Phase 1 Approval from Amherstburg Town Council!!

Windsor Essex Bike Community (WEBC) is thrilled to announce Phase 1 of our sanctioned trail project has been officially approved!

Learn more about this project proposal below!


Learn About this Project!

Scroll down below or click the links below to learn about different aspects of this approved trail network project!

Libro Centre Trails: Project Overview

WEBC will be working with the Town of Amherstburg to construct a new mountain bike trail network behind the Libro Centre! This project has been in the works for months and our team is so excited to finally get started on making this dream a reality for our local community!


This Libro Centre trail project will be multi phased. Beginning with Phase 1, WEBC will implement three downhill trails, a return climb trail, and the first loop of a larger XC cross county trail!

Over time, WEBC hopes to work with the Town of Amherstburg for more approvals to construct four fully interconnecting trail loops to create a premier trail network for our community!

Local engagement will be extremely important for this project, as the trail network will be almost completely constructed by local volunteers! WEBC will also be contracting out a professional trail builder for the more technical upper sections of the downhill trails.


Read more below to learn more about Phase 1 of this project!

Libro Centre Trails:

Phase 1 of this project will see WEBC install three progressively more challenging downhill trails, a return climb trail, and a XC cross country trail. These trails will be developed for all ages and skill levels of riders. Dirt features such as berms, rollers, and jumps will be implemented through out the trails to create a premier riding experience for local riders to enjoy at the Libro Centre!

Complete View of Phase 1.JPG
Downhill Trails Phase 1.jpg

Phase 1 Timeline

WEBC wil utilize local volunteers for building Phase 1 of the Libro Centre Trails.

Trail Construction

WEBC Land Stewardship Agreement

WEBC has formed a land stewardship agreement between our organization and the Town of Amherstburg. This agreement will now allow for Windsor Essex Bike Community (WEBC) to build the Libro Centre Trails using experienced and fully insured volunteer trail builders.


  • Phase 1 of Libro Centre trails will be constructed by insured local volunteers.


  • By utilizing a land stewardship agreement, the Libro Centre trails will be constructed for a fraction of the cost of other fully contracted built trail networks.


  • A professionally contracted trail builder will also assist with the more technical upper sections of the Phase 1 downhill trails.

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WEBC Libro Centre Trails Proposal

Click the link below to read the entire WEBC Libro Centre Trails proposal for more project details.


Libro Centre Trails Funding

Libro Centre Trails

For WEBC to implement Phase 1 of our Libro Centre trails project we need the support of our local riding community!


We now need your support to make this trail network project a reality!


Please donate to our Go Fund Me page by clicking the link. Donations can be made now!


PHASE 1: Project Funding

WEBC Donation Levels.png
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