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Meet Our Team

WEBC Directors

Our WEBC Board of Directors act as the leadership of our team. Their commitment, vision, and passion for cycling is what drives our organization forward!

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James Braakman

WEBC Director

James is a highly involved and engaged member of Windsor Essex's local riding scene. He looks to share his passion for mountain biking and is extremely committed towards advancing WEBC's mission to expand local trails! Make sure to say hi to James out on the trail! 


Dave Doherty

WEBC Director

Dave is currently a Windsor Firefighter and an avid mountain biker. He has deep roots within the Windsor Essex community and is passionate about growing the sport of mountain biking in the region

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Glyn Buck

WEBC Director

Glyn is currently the director of Great Lakes College of Science and Technology and is a long term Windsor Essex resident. He is a passionate rider and eager towards growing all aspects of mountain biking in our community!

Ryan Henderson

WEBC Director

Ryan works for a local municipality and is heavily involved in cycling in the Windsor Essex area. Ryan was a Sport Manager for the 2022 Can Am Games which brought 4 cycling races to Windsor and Amherstburg. Ryan has been involved in teaching and training adult cyclists for the past 7 years. Ryan’s dedication to cycling and to the community will be essential to the success of WEBC!

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WEBC Community Ambassadors

Our WEBC community ambassadors act as a link between the riding community and WEBC. They look to grow different disciplines of riding, while representing the best interests of riders on different projects, events, and initiatives.  With their help we feel WEBC can represent and advocate for all types of riders in our community!

Mike Bernard

WEBC Road Cycling Ambassador

Michael is an avid road cyclist that has been deeply immersed within Windsor's cycling community for over 30 years! As the administrator of Windsor Cycling Crew's Facebook page, Mike has developed a large following and excellent connections in the local riding community. His passion for riding, and commitment to improving our local cycling scene make Mike a fantastic ambassador for WEBC! WEBC is thrilled to have such an experienced and well connected leader as part of our organization! 

Kim Rocheleau

WEBC Community Ambassador

Kim Rocheleau is an experienced cyclist that excels in all disciplines of riding. As the founder of the "Dirt Divas" women's cycling group, Kim has been an amazing leader in the riding community and key promoter for women's riding in our region. Kim has hosted the Dirt Diva's group rides for 20 years, allowing women an inclusive and positive outlet to ride bikes! Windsor Essex Bike Community (WEBC) is thrilled to name her a WEBC community ambassador to help promote women's cycling and help grow the sport for women and girls within our riding community! Please click the link below to learn more about how you can join a Dirt Divas group ride this season!



Amanda Dywelska

WEBC Community Ambassador

Meet Amanda Dywelska! WEBC’s newest Community Ambassador! 


Amanda is an avid and talented rider who has a long history of participating and supporting all things cycling in Windsor & Essex County! 


As a young girl Amanda first started racing mountain bikes in Windsor with the Rockets and went on to compete in the Ontario Summer Games! 


Not only a talented rider, Amanda also has a true passion for improving our local riding scene and getting more people on bikes. As a WEBC community ambassador, Amanda will look to support our local riding scene and encourage more people to get involved in cycling.


We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented, passionate, and committed new member in our organization. We have big plans for 2024 and know Amanda will play a crucial role in accomplishing our goals! 

Nathan Nelles 

WEBC Community Ambassador

Nathan is our newest team member to WEBC, and he is so excited to help grow cycling in Windsor Essex!


As someone newer to mountain biking, Nate has quickly progressed into a strong rider who always helps bring the stoke to all WEBC group rides, events and functions!

Between his commitment to our cause, passion for riding, and hard work ethic, there is no doubt Nate will prove to be incredibly important member of our team.


We are SO lucky to have someone of his caliber officially joining Windsor Essex Bike Community!

Make sure you say hi to him out on the trails!! 


WEBC Youth Ambassadors

Our WEBC Brand Ambassadors help grow our local riding scene from a grassroots level by creating excitement about riding bikes among their peers while acting as young leaders in the community!


Ben O'Neil

WEBC Youth Ambassador

Meet Ben O’Neil… our new WEBC Youth Ambassador! 


Ben is a very talented local young rider who is eager to help grow riding and get more of his peers into mountain biking! 


Not only a very talented rider, Ben is an even better kid who we are SO excited to join our WEBC team in our mission to grow our local riding scene from a grassroots level!! 


We hope over time we can add more young WEBC ambassadors to help grow the local stoke of riding bikes and help encourage other kids to get outside and on the trails!


WEBC Brand Ambassadors

Our WEBC Brand Ambassadors play an essential role in our success. Using their elite cycling experience & talents, our brand ambassadors spread our vision and inspire others to get involved with cycling! We are very fortunate to have such talented people in our organization.


Eric Favot

WEBC Brand Ambassador

Eric is a former professional BMX rider and recently turned mountain biker! He has been riding BMX since 1999 and was introduced to the sport at the original Amherstburg Skatepark. As a younger rider, Eric looked up to the older generation of riders, who helped motivate and push him to become the rider he is today. 

As a professional rider, Eric competed in expert and professional level contests all across Canada and the USA.  He earned a spot as a performer with Krusher Stunt Team, showcasing his talents and spreading his passion for riding to thousands of people throughout North America!

Fast forward 20+ years and now Eric is that older rider that aims to be a positive role model to current and new riders across Windsor Essex County.

Currently living in Windsor, Eric's vision is to be an active member of WEBC and help improve the cycling community in Windsor Essex County!

Click here to watch more of Eric's riding content on WEBC's Instagram! 



Taylor McCarthur

WEBC Brand Ambassador

Taylor is a highly successful triathlete that currently competes throughout North America in triathlon and ironman events.

Originally from Wallaceburg ON, Taylor competed as a record setting track and field athlete at the University of Windsor, where he won multiple Canadian University Championship medals. 

More recently, Taylor was the 2021 & 2022 Gravenhurst Triathlon Olympic Distance Champion, while finishing in 5th place at Mont Tremblant Ironman competition. Taylor will be competing in the Ironman Worlds this October and hoping for another outstanding result!

Taylor is also a bike mechanic enthusiast, that when not training for races, spends his time working at WEBC's bike shop partner Flow Cafe & Bikes!

Taylor is very excited to be a WEBC brand ambassador and help represent cyclists in the Windsor region. He fully intends to contribute in anyway he can to help grow cycling, improve our riding scene and unite riders together in our community!

Windsor Essex Bike Community is thrilled to have Taylor in our organization. Welcome Taylor!


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