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Ojibway Urban National Park

Windsor Essex Bike Community (WEBC) is excited to work a long side elected officials and land managers to represent the interests of our local cycling community within the framework of the pending Ojibway Urban National Park project.

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It is our goal to partner with elected officials and land managers closely tied to the Urban National Park to ensure cyclists have continued access to trails and improved bike infrastructure within the new Urban National Park project.

WEBC is very excited to work with MP Brian Masse on creating an Urban National Park that can be enjoyed and accessed by cyclists!

Learn more about this project: Ojibway National Urban Park // Le Parc Urbain National Ojibway – Brian Masse for Windsor West Canada NDP


WEBC wants to educate riders and our local community about how to get involved with this project! We want to engage our riding community so the  interests of riders can be represented as this project unfolds!

We also want to work with environmental groups tied to this project to help educate cyclists on how we as a riding community can help protect environmentally sensitive proposed areas within the project.

It is crucial we work a long side all interest groups and Parks Canada on this project, to ensure this Urban National Park protects wildlife while offering excellent cycling and recreation opportunities.

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