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Malden Park Trail Expansion

WEBC is committed towards a long-term goal of fully expanding Malden Park into an improved trail network. Our goal is to create a linking trail system, that incorporates a variety of trails developed for different skill levels. 



WEBC aims to expand riding trails in and around Malden Park!


Our vision is to work with local land managers to create a premier urban trail network at Malden Park.

1. Malden Park Flow Trail

WEBC is looking to assist the City of Windsor to help extend the current flow trail at Malden Park.

It is our goal to partner with the City of Windsor in anyway possible to help provide feedback and resources that could help extend and improve this trail further in 2023!

Click the video link to see the current features and length of the flow trail.

Current Flow Trail:

Next Steps:
Malden Park Flow Trail Extension

See WEBC's long term vision of how the flow trail could be extended at Malden Park!

WEBC's vision for the first phase of potential construction of the Malden  Park Flow Trail extension can see seen below!

Proposed Flow Trail Extension Full  View_edited.jpg

Long Term Vision - Flow Trail Extension

Flow Trail Extension Phase 1.png

The first phase of construction would introduce new features such as jumps, rollers, and berms.

Phase 1 - Flow Trail Extension



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