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WEBC Officers

Our WEBC officers act as a link between the riding community and WEBC. They look to grow different disciplines of riding, while representing the best interests of riders on different projects, events, and initiatives.  With their help we feel WEBC can represent and advocate for all types of riders in our community!


Mike Bernard

Road Cycling Officer

Michael is an avid road cyclist that has been deeply immersed within Windsor's cycling community for over 30 years! As the administrator of Windsor Cycling Crew's Facebook page, Mike has developed a large following and excellent connections in the local riding community. His passion for riding, and commitment to improving our local cycling scene make Mike a fantastic ambassador for WEBC! WEBC is thrilled to have such an experienced and well connected leader as part of our organization! 


Kim Rocheleau

WEBC Women's Cycling Officer

Kim Rocheleau is an experienced cyclist that excels in all disciplines of riding. As the founder of the "Dirt Divas" women's cycling group, Kim has been an amazing leader in the riding community and key promoter for women's riding in our region. Kim has hosted the Dirt Diva's group rides for 20 years, allowing women an inclusive and positive outlet to ride bikes! Windsor Essex Bike Community (WEBC) is thrilled to name her our official WEBC Women's Riding Officer to help promote women's cycling and help grow the sport for women and girls within our riding community! Please click the link below to learn more about how you can join a Dirt Divas group ride this season!

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