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WEBC Directors

Our WEBC Board of Directors act as the leadership of our team. Their commitment, vision, and passion for cycling is what drives our organization forward!

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James Braakman

WEBC Director

James is a highly involved and engaged member of Windsor Essex's local riding scene. He looks to share his passion for mountain biking and is extremely committed towards advancing WEBC's mission to expand local trails! Make sure to say hi to James out on the trail! 


Dave Doherty

WEBC Director

Dave is currently a Windsor Firefighter and an avid mountain biker. He has deep roots within the Windsor Essex community and is passionate about growing the sport of mountain biking in the region

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Glyn Buck

WEBC Director

Glyn is currently the director of Great Lakes College of Science and Technology and is a long term Windsor Essex resident. He is a passionate rider and eager towards growing all aspects of mountain biking in our community!

Ryan Henderson

WEBC Director

Ryan works for a local municipality and is heavily involved in cycling in the Windsor Essex area. Ryan was a Sport Manager for the 2022 Can Am Games which brought 4 cycling races to Windsor and Amherstburg. Ryan has been involved in teaching and training adult cyclists for the past 7 years. Ryan’s dedication to cycling and to the community will be essential to the success of WEBC!

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