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Libro Centre Trails Construction

Follow this page for updates on our WEBC Libro Centre trail construction!

WEBC wil utilize local volunteers for building Phase 1 of the Libro Centre Trails.

Trail Construction

WEBC Land Stewardship Agreement

WEBC has formed a land stewardship agreement between our organization and the Town of Amherstburg. This agreement will now allow for Windsor Essex Bike Community (WEBC) to build the Libro Centre Trails using experienced and fully insured volunteer trail builders.


  • Phase 1 of Libro Centre trails will be constructed by insured local volunteers.


  • By utilizing a land stewardship agreement, the Libro Centre trails will be constructed for a fraction of the cost of other fully contracted built trail networks.


  • A professionally contracted trail builder will also assist with the more technical upper sections of the Phase 1 downhill trails.


Early Trail Construction

Our team has started the initial trail construction by fully clear cutting all of the Phase 1 trails in! Dirt has also been moved to the majority of the XC trail!

Stewardship Agreement Signed!

On April 26th, 2023 Windsor Essex Bike Community (WEBC) signed our land stewardship agreement making our organization the official land stewards of the trail!

Land stewardship agreements are used all over North America to create partnerships between trail clubs and local government. These agreements are what allow truly incredible trails to be built all over Canada.


Most notably, a land stewardship between the region of Waterloo and the Hydrocut is what led to the creation of the extremely popular The Hydrocut trails in Kitchener & Waterloo!

This official partnership between the Town of Amherstburg and Windsor Essex Bike Community (WEBC) will be the first ever mountain bike specific land stewardship agreement in Windsor & Essex County history!


First WEBC Trail Build Day!

Thank you so much to all the volunteers that showed up and worked really hard today at our first ever WEBC - Windsor Essex Bike Community trail build day!

We got so much done today and our team was really blown away by the work ethic of everyone hard at work!

It is very cool to see local residents beginning to take pride in helping build these new community mountain bike trails at the Libro Centre!

Help Build the Trails!

Come out and help build our trails!

Get involved with one of our WEBC volunteer trail build days!

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